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Nightlight and a moonbeam~

yes i have returned

i dont know for how long

because i am emotionally unstable

and probably need to rant to someone

but i’m back for now

yes but would anyone like a starter tho



Reblog if your muse is a little shit.

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instead of sketching i came up with another pallette for nightlight because i didn’t like the ones i used before anymore.

wow okay now i’m going to do a little sketchy sketch of nightlight for a new icon but then i’m leaving again. my apologies to the one person i’m currently roleplaying with, and even more to the people that have attempted. I’m not feeling my muse and believe before I fuck anything else up I’ll go to another blog.


"THEN KEEP YOUR FUCKING WORD AND STAY AWAY!  DON’T ACT AS IF I AM THE ONE DREDGING ALL THIS UP, THAT IS YOU!  You are so gods damned blind by your tunnel vision hatred that you cannot see all the other tyrants around you, but whatever.  Hate all you want, I surely do.”



Nightlight would let Pitch have the last word. He was so angry right now, he could care less. All he wanted to do was to leave. Never had he ever wished to be near the monster, so now he would go. And go he did. As soon as Pitch finished his rant, Nightlight shot into the sky and left. A temper tantrum, none the less, but he thought it would be more responsible rather than continue arguing with someone. 

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fearlingdevil said: "Then leave me be and you will never see the likes of me again. Gods above."



❝Why are you so DENSE?! Do you think I want to be around you?! After all the pain and turmoil you’ve put through my friends and me, why would I ever be near you other than to stop your terror! I would much rather you stay far, far away from me, and then I could promise you the same.❞

Anonymous asked—
Nightlight, why do you hate Pitch so much? I need to hear it from you, glowing spectral boy to anonymous.


❝When I was trapped in the monster’s heart, I saw no man left inside of him. Whether others believe him to be changed or not, I could n e v e r believe that…               that thing could ever care for another.
                                                 He could never be human, that I am sure of.❞